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RevenYou is a leading Pay Per Install Network that helps developers and publishers monetize their software using a cutting edge smart installer. Our monetized software installer generates high payouts in more than 200 countries which will help you maximize your profit and ROI from your software and traffic.

In just three simple steps you can start monetizing your software and get paid for every install.

   1) Simply sign up to the platform
   2) Accept the terms and conditions of the network
   3) And upload your software to the platform.

An Account Manager is then personally assigned to you and software gets verified within 24 hours. Our friendly and helpful Account Managers are there to give support along the way through the entire process.

The network supports developer’s freeware or freemium software and you can upload as many applications as you wish. Our Smart Installers can be customized to developer’s specific needs, for example preferred number of offers being shown and amount of installers per software.

Our payment terms are NET30 through wire transfer along with a monthly invoice from developers.

RevenYou platform is consistently being updated and perfected with new offers to ensure developers the highest paying, best performing offers in the industry.

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